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San Jose Family & Divorce Lawyers / Blog / Custody and Visitation / 7 Ways To Survive The Holidays During Or Following A Divorce

7 Ways To Survive The Holidays During Or Following A Divorce

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Divorce is never an easy task to get through, but most of us survive it and can even end up happier on the other side. Then the holiday season arrives. The holidays are hard to get through even in the most perfect circumstances, so how does one survive the holidays when newly divorced or still going through a divorce? It’s no easy task but the way you handle it will not only determine how enjoyable the holidays are for your children, but how much you enjoy yourself around the holidays as well (which is likely well deserved).

According to the article below, the overriding theme to remember during the holidays following your divorce is that “you do you.” Sure, it sounds cliché, but really, you have just come out of what most would argue was not an ideal marriage, so why not focus on your happiness for a change? Here are some tips on how to make your life easier during the holidays:


  1. Let people know that you will be alone: Most people fear the dreaded “plus one” when attending weddings, but this is an issue with holiday parties as well. Your friends and family love and care about you and don’t want to see you alone during the holidays. So, just let people know in advance that you will be attending parties alone and then you won’t feel quite so singled out when you arrive.
  1. Eat anything you love: This is a time for you to indulge and find simple joys. It is ok to forget the diet for a little while and just eat the things you love without having to worry about anyone else.
  1. Catch up on your favorite shows: Yes, the holidays are always busy but there is a lot of relaxation time as well. Take the time to catch up on your favorite shows or books without having to take care of anyone but you for a little while.
  1. Get out of the house and move you’re a**: Divorce is hard, and the holidays can be really depressing. It is easy to get in a slump and not feel like leaving the house. But you aren’t helping anyone but doing that, especially yourself. Get out of the house, go for a walk, enjoy the crisp air.
  1. Go See a Movie: While it may seem impossible to go on your own, most people love it. If anything, it will distract you for a couple of hours.
  1. Do something crazy: Do something that you would never normally do. Take an exotic trip, go on a date, have some fun.
  1. Do something nice: It always feels good to give back no matter what is going on in our own lives. Volunteer at a food bank, help a friend in need. There are many opportunities to do nice things for others during the holidays.

While you try to enjoy the holidays, they attorneys at Argyris Mah, LLP can help alleviate some of your stress by handling the legal aspects of your divorce. Call us at 408-214-6366 for a free consultation.

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