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San Jose Family & Divorce Lawyers / San Jose Child Support Modification Lawyer

San Jose Child Support Modification Lawyer

The one thing certain in life is that it can change in an instant. You may suddenly get laid off from your job. You may become disabled in a freak accident. Your child may develop a chronic medical condition.

These circumstances can affect how much you are able to pay in child support. Modifications are available, but the reasons for modification are limited and must be approved by the court

Modifying a child support order requires time and knowledge of this specific area of the law. It’s easy to make mistakes during the process. Seek legal help from a San Jose child support modification lawyer from Argyris Mah, LLP who can help you navigate this area of family law with ease.

Can Child Support Be Modified?

Child support is for the child, so it is almost always modifiable, with some restrictions. A modification can be made by either party, and the support may be increased or decreased depending on the circumstances. Parties may agree among themselves to modify a support order. If they cannot agree, the matter will go to court and a judge will decide.

Modifications to child support may be temporary or permanent. This will depend on the reason for the modification.

Child support typically ends when the child turns 18 years old or graduates high school. If the child moves out and lives on their own before then, then support may end earlier. If the child has a disability and cannot live on their own, support may be extended.

Common Reasons for a Modification

Child support may be modified for the following reasons:

  • Income changes. If either the paying parent’s income increases or decreases significantly, it can warrant a modification. Similarly, if the receiving parent’s income changes substantially, it might affect the need for support.
  • Change in employment status. Losing a job, getting a new job with different pay, or experiencing a significant change in employment status can justify a modification.
  • Healthcare needs. If the child experiences a health issue that requires additional financial support, or if there is a significant change in healthcare coverage or costs, a modification may be warranted.
  • Changes in child’s needs. If the child’s expenses increase due to factors like education, medical needs, or extracurricular activities, a modification may be necessary.
  • Custody arrangement changes. If the custody arrangement changes significantly, such as the child spending more time with one parent, it could impact the amount of support needed.
  • If one parent or the child relocates, resulting in changes in living expenses or access to resources, it could warrant a modification.

Reach Out to Our San Jose Child Support Modification Lawyers Today

When it comes to child support, the amount in the final decree could be changed due to various circumstances.

Need to modify your child support order? Contact a San Jose child support modification lawyer from Argyris Mah, LLP to see if your situation applies. To schedule a free consultation, fill out the online form or call (408) 214-6366.